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A picture tells a thousand stories

A reflection by Megan Killeen

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Megan Killeen

Artist reflection by Photographer Megan Killeen

When Louise first approached me in asking me to be a part of the (Y)our Story project, I was more than happy to be involved. As a student it can sometimes be difficult to look for work whilst studying, but it is important to try and get your foot in the door as early as possible. I have worked as a photographer as well as being a student since 2012, but this was by far the biggest project I was ever involved in.

I learnt so much from my involvement. I learned about my community and all the different and wonderful types of people that are in it. I have lived in Dublin all my life, yet I never really felt connected to what was going on inside it.

I feel a new found love for my city and for the people in it.

I looked forward every week to going to each of the meetings of the groups I was working with, I felt so welcomed in each and every one. In Labre Park every Friday morning I was welcomed with open arms and a lovely cup of tea, we would then sit and share stories and listen to beautiful music performed by the different guests each week. In Bosco Youth Centre every Monday evening I was met at the door by excited kids, so full of energy, they just wanted to get to know everything about you. And of course the women from the Islamic Foundation and the F2 Women’s Group were so friendly, warm and inviting. 

Not forgetting all the other incredible artists I got to work with! I had never felt so respected in a job, getting to know other artists and their way of working was so inspiring and they had nothing but respect for me also which was so encouraging. I also learnt so much about my practice as a photographer and the kind of work I want to produce. I love working with people, and although that will always have it’s ups and downs, the connections you feel from working together is always worth it in the end. Also I am so grateful for this opportunity, I think it is extremely important for our community to have initiatives and projects like this on the go, as they involve everybody.

Tea Drinking at the Labre Park sessions, Ballyfermot, 28 Oct 16. Photo by Megan Killeen



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