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Men’s Sheds & St Benedict’s at IMMA

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In December we held a Word Cafe in IMMA with members of the St Benedict’s Photography Club and Men’s Sheds from Artane, Ayrfield, Donaghmede, Priorswood and District. Over 3 months they attended a series of facilitated visits to IMMA. After an initial meeting with each community group, facilitators, who have trained with Dublin City Arts Office, specifically designed a series of four visits to IMMA to connect with the Museum and its artworks in a meaningful way.

The World Cafe was our way of asking the men about their experiences of being involved in the project. Here are a selection of the feedback we received  in December.


We came with trepidation. Art and projects? We ain’t into that, the first day we arrived we changed our minds. This facility is on my doorstep and I’ve never used it. It has given us a place to go, I’m sure that we will do this on our own next year.

Looking back on it all I feel that isn’t it an awful pity that most of us here never had any schooling to look at art. We all attended school and I know in my case it was Irish, Irish, Irish and I just think that what I’ve learned from the last trips was that I would bring my grandchildren.

It connects generations. I chatted to my grandchildren about it and they are going on a school trip there.

We are totally comfortable coming to IMMA and art galleries now.



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