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Illustrating the Research Journey

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From Uncles who fought in 1916, to the history of a local pub and its inhabitants, Out of the Box is facilitating seven people from across Dublin to research a person of local or family interest, their family tree or the history of their home, street or a building of personal interest. Using the expertise and resources of The National Archives, the researchers are encouraged to bring contemporary records to build the social and historical picture of their research.

At the moment the project is bringing illustrators together with the Out of the Box researchers to create unique illustrations inspired by the personal and social history uncovered during their research journey. A number of illustrators, including Rob Mirolo and Joy Ní Dhomhnaill, have joined the Out of the Box team to create artistic interpretations of the histories and stories of each researcher to the public in an exhibition in March.

Wissame Cherfi, a documentary filmmaker has been following some of the researcher’s journey as they delved into their family past and in some cases the history of a local landmark. These short documentary pieces will be released online throughout February.


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