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ALIGHT! Taster Workshop on 21 November 2016 at Pembroke Library

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Calling people from Irishtown, Ringsend, Sandymount and Pearse Street!

There’s going to be some exciting activities in the coming months in your area, culminating in a week-long series of event in February 2017. Watch out for the bus along route number 1!

ALIGHT! is an exciting new dance, art and performance project led by CoisCéim BROADREACH and open to everyone in the Ringsend, Sandymount and Pearse Street communities, giving you the chance to explore your neighbourhood.

ALIGHT! offers you a chance to take part in art, design, dance, storytelling, music and theatre workshops. Depending on your interests, it offers you the chance to work as part of a team to decorate a bus, create new choreography, or perform in a series of specially created dance theatre performances.

We are collecting stories from people across the area, and would love to hear some of yours which might end up living within the project! Why not attend a taster creative storytelling workshop on Monday 21 November from 6.00pm-8.00pm at Pembroke Library, Angelsea Road, Dublin 4.

ALIGHT! is led by a professional team of artists and choreographers from CoisCéim BROADREACH and coordinated by Dublin City Council. It is created in partnership with Dublin City Public Libraries, Dublin City Arts Office, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and The National Gallery of Ireland.

We hope to see you on Monday 21 November at 6.00pm. Keep an eye out for more information on other activities soon. To find out more : contact Cleo Fagan at

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