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‘What Culture Means to Me’ by Paula Weir

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Paula Weir

An opportunity to learn, to explore, to understand, to express, to embrace, to absorb and to experience; that is what culture means to me.
In the truest biological definition; maintenance of an environment which enables growth; a people that desire, drive and participate in cultural activities also enable growth.

Culture allows growth within communities, among diverse races, religions, ages and tongues. It permits the existence within to be expressed. It empowers, validates and reflects our worlds from a muddle of perspectives.

It can be the light of the blue prince in Harry Clarke’s stained glass, a new piece of art by Solas, dancing on the grass in Farmleigh during Africa Day, sitting in the Third Space learning new skills or even on a train to Galway with a plethora of people, from all over the world, on Patrick’s day; off to learn some new photography skills on a western shore.

In my life, it has been a space that evokes curiosity and inspiration, to learn what makes different pockets of humanity tick, meet friends and feel part of something; a safe, sometimes light, sometimes dark, welcoming world. That space belongs to everyone and no one and means many different things to many different people. It’s a space in which you can breathe.

Paula Weir
Fundraising Fellow, June – November 2017
Dublin Theatre Festival



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