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The Way We Wore

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Frances McDonald

There are only two Culture Club meetings remaining! The final one takes place on 10 February but, before that, we have a visit to the wonderfully entitled ‘The Way We Wore’ on Friday 27 January.  

As the name suggests, this is all about the clothing our ancestors wore. It’s one of the permanent exhibitions at the National Museum at Collins Barracks and it includes great examples of dress, jewellery and footwear worn in Ireland as far back as the 1700’s. So if you think that everyone in Ireland dressed in woolen sweaters and shawls then you are in for a surprise. ‘The Way We Wore’ shows us that, although some Irish men and women dressed in a traditional manner, particularly in remote rural areas, the majority of the population wore clothing, which reflected changing fashions and they were even influenced by fashionable dress in other parts of Europe. Just as we now!

Most of the wonderful dress and costume accessories in the collection at Collins Barracks were worn by Irish people who lived in relatively comfortable circumstances and could both aspire and afford to dress well.   Unfortunately, not everyone had the luxury of clothes that could be put away and remain unused and so it’s their clothing that tends to survive. Many items have lasted because they were treasured, put away and passed down through families. So we get to see garments such as an embroidered pink velvet coat and silk breeches worn during the 1770s by a member of the Worth Newenham family in Co. Cork or the ivory silk wedding dress worn by Hannah Woodcock Perry when she married Marcus Goodbody in Monkstown, Co. Dublin, in 1848.

Our guide on the day will be Emir O’Brien who will take us on a tour of the exhibition and hopefully have time for that all important tea and a chat afterwards. Hope you can be there!

CULTURE CLUB is on Friday 27 January 2017 @ 11.30AM



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