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While meeting community groups in the South East area we came across a special group that connects women through the sharing of each other’s cultures. Kate & Bernadette met the group for a Tea & Chats and they were kind enough to invite us back the following week to a party, where they were connecting with a women’s group based in Darndale. We were treated to amazing food from China, Ireland, Korea, Lebanon & Malaysia. We were then delighted to have the group join us for a Culture Club at IMMA. We asked them to share a little bit about the group in the hope that they may inspire others to meet and connect in similar ways.

The International Women’s support group meet every Tuesday am at the Lantern Centre, Synge Street Dublin 8.

In the group we have women from 8 different national and cultural backgrounds as well as different faith traditions.


For the past 9 years the women have developed strong friendship bonds, enjoying the richness and enlightenment that comes with positive interaction amidst such diversity.

During the meetings they have enjoyed numerous activities like Yoga, drama, art, dance, meditation, some outings and many inputs from guest speakers.

However, the practice of sitting together enjoying “the cuppa” and updating each other on what is going on in their lives and families with the interchanges around cultural and faith practices is the stable diet that moulds the friendships formed.  At special times this bond is heightened when the women bring and share a variety of delicious foods from their national/cultural backgrounds.

Comments from the women:

“I look forward to Tuesday mornings and coming to the group”

“We have learned so much from each other”

“We miss someone when they cannot attend the meeting”

“Deep friendships have been formed and we support and look out for each other”

The International Women’s Support Group in the Lantern Centre visited the Irish Museum of Modern Art on the 3rd of October as part of Dublin’s Culture Connects: Culture Club.

The group were amazed by the impressive historical building dating from the 17th century where the Modern Art is housed.

We were warmly welcomed by the staff and were then lead into the historical room and given an interesting account of the history of the building going back to its inception as the Royal Hospital founded in 1684 by James Butler, the Duke of Ormonde.  It was a home for retired soldiers which continued for 250 years. It was officially opened as the Irish Museum of Modern Art on the 25th of May 1991.

This group included women from South Korea; Lebannon; Columbia; Iran; Sri Lanka; India; China; Malaysia and Ireland. We were given a lot of information about the history of the building which we enjoyed learning about.  There were beautiful pictures in the exhibition hall.

In visiting the old chapel, we had the bonus of listening to a visiting choir with musicians.

The refreshments at the end of the tour was especially appreciated and welcomed.

We look forward to another visit in the future.

The group are open to new members if you would be interested in joining them. Contact by phone : +353 1 4053868 or email :

By Joan Murray, Group Facilitator                     

Culture Club connects people to museums, galleries, libraries and other cultural venues in a fun and easy way. Through Culture Club, we are inviting people to get involved, broadening the reach of culture in Dublin to as many Dubliners as possible. Our Project Manager will accompany groups and individuals from all over Dublin to a range of Cultural venues throughout the year. Culture Club begins with a tour of an exhibition, given by a knowledgeable tour guide, often the curator of the exhibition, and ends with a Tea & Chats session. This is a special chance to meet new people and experience cultural places in a relaxed way and is a great opportunity for us to learn from these experiences.



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