Tea & Chats

What is it


Everything in Dublin happens over a cup of tea

Fancy a friendly and fun Tea & Chats session to connect you and your local community, one cuppa at a time?

When visiting and listening to community groups in their environment, and in their own venue, it is possible to start a conversation where everyone feels comfortable to express their ideas and concerns.

Since Dublin’s Culture Connects’ Tea & Chats started back in 2015, we’ve listened to thousands of people of all ages and from all walks of life, collecting stories along the way. People like you across Dublin have poured us many cups of tea and shared the things that really matter to them and to their community.
If you would like to take part, or host a workshop in your community, please contact us to organise a time and venue.

In 2016 the ideas collected and stories shared fed into the themes of Dublin’s Culture Connects: The National Neighbourhood project.

Tea & Chats continue, and the themes discussed today will become the starting point for all the Dublin’s Culture Connects projects in the coming year. Help us to continue the conversation about our city.

Invite us for tea and we will facilitate your group to talk about the things that really matter to you and are of concern in your area. You provide the people and have the kettle on, and we’ll bring along the biscuits!