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Reflecting on the journey around the table

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Bernadette Larkin

Over the past months Around the Table has been connecting with communities old and new from the Docks and East Wall to the markets and across to Stoneybatter. Now we are coming to the end and although we are busier than ever and discovering new information and meeting new people daily, we are also beginning to reflect on where the journey has taken us. We are looking forward to gathering all of our groups together in Luncheonette to share food and stories around the table.

Themes to emerge have been that sense of looking out for each other, of sharing even when it may not be easy, connection and the changing nature of community. We have found that your community may not necessarily be geographical anymore but may be founded on a shared history of work, friendship, family and interest. People who have come to Dublin from all corners of the globe still manage to find a connection here and put down roots amongst a diverse-minded tribe.

Our core artists Jennie Moran, Jeanette Lowe and Donal Fallon have been joined by camera man Peter Salisbury who is helping to document the project on film and by Ida Mitrani who is creating beautiful watercolor maps of the streets we have walked and the stories we have shared.

Working with our partners The National Library of Ireland and The Central Library, Ilac Centre in particular with Bríd and with Bernadette in the Central Library enables us to share the journey and some of our adventures with you.

Over the coming weeks there will be:

– A final event at the National Library on 4 March will reflect on the learnings by each group and the artists Donal Fallon, Jennie Moran and Jeanette Lowe.

– A book will be published featuring the stories told by the communities and the walks compiled as the projects moved through the city, reflecting life that in some cases no longer exists. This will also invite you to reflect on your memories, journey and your city.

– An exhibition at the National Library will record the story of the project.

– Images captured by photographer Jeanette Lowe will be exhibited in the Central Library Ilac Centre in March as part of an exhibition ‘Cherishing all of the Children of the Nation Equally’.



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