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On 14 November 2017 in Wood Quay Venue, we were delighted to host 30 people from local community groups for an Introduction to Fundraising seminar as part of the Fundraising Fellowship, Dublin programme, in partnership with Business to Arts.

Delivered by Andrew Hetherington of Business to Arts and Rowena Neville of Dublin’s Culture Connects, the seminar was an interactive session covering a broad range of subjects. Participants spoke about their organisations at the start of the evening, and working together over the course of the evening and applying the learning, were challenged to re-present their organisations focusing more on their impact and how they are unique, in a way that would be compelling to potential funders.

The 3-hour introductory session covered:

  • How to talk about the impact of what you do
  • The factors that influence funding success
  • Researching and prospecting; cultivation; solicitation and stewardship of donors
  • Methods of fundraising
  • Organisational and environmental considerations
  • Resources available
  • Action plans and implementation

The Fundraising Fellowship, Dublin programme is a partnership between Dublin’s Culture Connects and the New Stream Fundraising Capacity Building Project operated by Business to Arts. It offers part funding toward the employment of full-time fundraising or marketing & fundraising human resources contracted over a 24-month period and the recruited Fellows will take part in a structured programme of training and mentorship as part of the Fellowship.



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