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The National Neighbourhood: The Thrill of the New

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Dublin’s Culture Connects aims to connect Dubliners to their city through culture and conversation. We develop activities and events that bring communities together, and to life: all based on people’s stories, wishes and experiences. It’s all about making and taking part in culture.
One of our programmes is The National Neighbourhood. We want every neighbourhood to know and ‘own’ their city’s cultural resources, so we connect artists, groups and villages with libraries, museums and creative places – including our National Cultural Institutions – to make cultural events in their communities.

DCC Cultural Connect Still

After a wonderful year of fun and creativity, we’re all set again to launch a series of new projects across Dublin as part of The National Neighbourhood programme. Dublin City Council’s Area Offices, Libraries and Archives and City Arts Office will work with National Cultural Institutions, artists and communities on cultural projects over the coming months.

Dublin Central Area will be partnering with The Abbey Theatre and The National Concert HallSouth East Area with The National Gallery of Ireland and the National Archive of IrelandNorth Central Area with The National Library of Ireland and Dublin City Gallery The Hugh LaneNorth West Area with The National Museum of Ireland and South Central Area with IMMA and The Chester Beatty Library. Dublin’s Culture Connects will be guiding the projects in partnership with the teams and staff of all these cultural spaces and sections. Stay tuned to see what’s in store!



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