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At the National Archives: a Reflection

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Ralph Polmar Arches

Synge St CBS student Ralph Arches on this time in the National Archives as part of Dublin’s Culture Connects’ The National Neighbourhood on Dublin’s southside.

During my time in the National Archives, it has been a very special experience. It opened my mind about lots of things.

I’ve learned more about Dublin and how precious time and history is. I’ve become aware of the past, present and the future. I’ve noticed that we focus too much on the future and the past and we end up ignoring the present. There’s a saying that we are born too late to explore the universe and born too late to explore the past, but born just right in time to appreciate the present and the world itself while earth still exists and the universe still exists: while life as we know it still exists. We won’t exist in the far future – well, Earth won’t – and we should take advantage of the time that we have now to appreciate our home planet. Also appreciate what we have today like cities, landscapes, people… who knows, maybe soon they might disappear.

During my time in the archives, it made me love Dublin more. The thing I like about Dublin is people can be whomever they want. I consider myself lucky for being in a country that opens its doors to others, others who are different races, sexuality, genders and religious beliefs. It even made me forget about how we’re divided. It made me feel like I’m just the same as everyone else. We’re all part of the human race and we forget that we are.

It even made me appreciate history: how much our species have been through, how we developed new ideas, built amazing civilizations. History is part of our potential, it’s part of who we are as a species, it’s what we create. And I can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve next: maybe find alien life… or build a colony on mars… who knows. Stay curious and stay open-minded but do not forget the time you are in now.

Ralph Polmar Arches, Synge Street School, 2018.



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