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About Local Heroes

Over the years we have come across many people doing amazing work within their community, each contributing to the unique character of the city they call home. Local Heroes is a project where we ask some artists to do ‘portraits’ of some of the Local Heroes we have met so far.

Currently seven artists are visiting, sharing and learning with the local heroes and preparing to tell their ‘Local Heroes’ stories through dance, poetry, animation, collage, film and photography in order to capture and share the story of the lives, culture and community of these incredible people.

Last month, we shared some information about the seven artists. Soon we will be able to share the incredible stories of our local heroes’ determination and dedication: the hero who kickstarted a drive in their local community to create a much needed and now thriving school library. The hero who has worked to improve the rights and living circumstances of those in Direct Provision. Local heroes who have worked tirelessly to provide cultural and creative outlets for their community, hosting festivals, starting classes, running events that unite groups and actively include others in celebrating the cultural diversity of this city.

Each hero is exceptional in what they do, their stories inspiring, they each reflect the spirit, creativity, and dynamic nature of Dublin City. We are very grateful that they have taken the time to share their life experiences, their views and their hopes for their community. We’re looking forward to seeing how each artist depicts these wonderful humans, and are planning a bit of a celebration in November to show off their work! Watch this space to hear more about this fabulous project and people soon.

Our current Local Heroes artists include dancer Emma O’Kane, musicians The Pale, poet and photographer Kerrie O’Brien, documentary photographer Philip Arneill, collagist Una Gildea, illustrator and animator Neil O’Driscoll and poet Geoff Finan. You can find out more about the artists HERE.



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