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Going local and national at the same time

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We’re delighted to welcome the four community organisations selected to join our Fundraising Fellows over the coming 12 months on training and mentoring in sponsorship and marketing as part of Dublin’s Culture Connects : Fundraising Fellowship, Dublin, in partnership with Business to Arts. 

The Calcutta Run 

The Calcutta Run, also known as the Legal Fundraiser, is an annual charity run, cycle and small festival for 1,300 participants, mostly from the legal community. For 19 years the Calcutta Run has raised money for Homeless Street children in Calcutta, through The Hope Foundation; and for homeless youths and families in Dublin via the Peter McVerry Trust.  

Common Ground 

Common Ground is an arts organisation working in the neighbourhoods of Inchicore, Rialto and Bluebell, South West Inner City Dublin.  Established in 1999, they leverage strategic relationships with local and city partners that invest in good quality arts work with positive social and artistic impacts. To date they have run long term arts programmes in music, visual arts, an artist studio – studio 468, community based artists’ residencies, arts programme development and advice, and public art commissioning.  

Dublin Cycling Campaign
The Dublin Cycling Campaign is an independent, voluntary group, lobbying local and national government to bring about improved conditions for cyclists and greater recognition of the benefits of cycling. Established in 1993, they have been instrumental in campaigns that have resulted in the introduction of Dublin Bikes and the 30km/h speed limit in the city; and are represented on the Transportation SPCs of all the Dublin local authorities.  

The 100 Archive 

100 Archive is a living, community-led, web-based archive that maps the past, present and future of Irish graphic design. 100 Archive exists to strengthen the design community and help it flourish and grow in confidence by making visible and tangible the value it brings to modern Irish society. Founded in 2012, the 100 Archive creates an openly-accessible digital resource on Irish graphic design, archiving contemporary design for future posterity and records the designers, studios, clients and commissioners who make that design work possible.  

These four organisations will be able to access the Fundraising Fellowship, Dublin’s programme of free seminars and resources for community and arts organisations, and will participate in a series of information sessions in 2017 and 2018. They will also receive mentoring as they are partnered with one of Dublin’s Culture Connects’ four Fundraising Fellowship Dublin organisations, who are currently receiving training and mentorship via this capacity-building programme – namely, Helium Arts, Fishamble: The New Play Company, Dublin Theatre Festival & Temple Bar Gallery + Studios.  

We are similarly delighted to see this initiative take flight beyond Dublin. The Fundraising Fellowship Ireland was launched this week, in which our project partners Business to Arts, in partnership with the Department of Culture, Heritage & Gaeltacht, have opened a call for applications to a 24-month National Fundraising Fellowship programme for new Fundraising Executives. Fundraising Fellowship Ireland is informed by the two-year Fundraising Fellowship, Dublin programme. 

Fundraising Fellowship, Dublin is a two-year intensive programme of training and mentorship, with each participant cultural organisation receiving in excess of €80,000. This is via investment in professional development and match-funding. The Dublin fellowship has contributed to the development of Fundraising Fellowship, Ireland, which is supported by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. 

The Fundraising Fellowship, Dublin gives €30,000 over two years to support the salary of the Fundraiser plus €80,000 worth of training, mentorship and knowledge gathering trips per each of the four organisations involved;  Dublin Theatre FestivalFishamble : The New Play CompanyHelium Arts and Temple Bar Gallery & Studios. As part of this, leading Irish and international experts will offer masterclasses to develop knowledge and understanding, offering practical and real life expertise. The Fellows will also work with smaller organisations to impart their expertise to them, thus increasing the reach of the programme. The aim is to equip these fellows and their cultural organisations with skills to build capacity in their own organisations. 

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