EU Lab



Dublin’s Culture Connects is about connecting:

        • The National Neighbourhood connects our citizens to their communities, to artists and to cultural institutions;
        • The Fundraising Fellowship Dublin connects community groups and arts organisations to expertise to help them capacity build in the area of marketing and fundraising;
        • The Cultural Audit and Map connects our visitors, our planners and our residents to the assets of the city and neighbourhoods;
        • The EU Lab connects Dublin’s ideas and innovations to Europe to partner on delivery and applications for EU Funding programmes for the benefit of all.

This action of looking out to partner with Europe on projects of mutual interest and concern is challenging. In order to work across all departments in Dublin City Council, Dublin’s Culture Connects has developed an EU Lab to hothouse and create expertise in this area that can be shared.

The EU Lab is looking at following themes of interest in Europe and in Dublin and connecting them together, and through the development and fine-tuning of relevant themes, connecting with peer cities across Europe.

The application process for EU funding programmes is rigorous and time consuming, and across Europe application failure rates are high. The EU Lab aims to increase the number of successful EU-funding applications across Dublin City, by supporting and encouraging participation in the process and developing their expertise in putting together often complex applications.

As well as delivering specialised training, the EU Lab assists the City in fostering productive European partnerships and relations that can help them better understand the process and, ultimately, access more EU funding. Current and planned projects include a pioneering scheme to develop cognitive and social skills development with the teaching of visual arts in schools, and a plan to develop a ‘food identity’ for Dublin through the involvement of food producers and associated businesses.



The EU Lab works across numerous sections within Dublin City Council, with teams who have a project idea, or an existing project they would like to develop further; and links them with and actively supports the development of the project with local people, groups, organisations and/or business on a European platform.

So far sections who have led applications in 2017 with support of the EU Lab are Dublin City Arts Office; North West Area Office; International Office; Dublin LEO Local Enterprise Office.

Blogs over the coming months will capture their EU funding journey.



The projects that EU Lab support can fit into a wide range of areas to benefit Dublin communities: from research, technology development and innovation; communication technologies; competitiveness of SME’s; low-carbon economy; climate change; environment; sustainable transport; labour mobility; social inclusion; education, training and lifelong learning and improving the efficiency of public administration.

The EU Lab is here to support staff through the EU application journey, ultimately to benefit Dublin, its communities and residents.