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Engage the City: Interwoven Stories

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Ines Metzner

The Knitting group in Walkinstown and weaver and textile artist Ines Metzner are working on the project ‘Interwoven Stories’ for the month of June as part of Engage the City. During their sessions in the Walkinstown Library they started to explore a new technique, new materials and also the ability to reuse material in a creative way. Everybody brought in their own personal material to transform and weave their stories with.

“There’s a lot of history in those pieces of fabric”

One of the participants used old wedding veils, kids T-Shirts and office supplies. The group aged 6 to 60+ enjoyed the process very much ‘learning new skills and exploring materials in an unexpected way’.

P1110394 P1110404

Reflecting on the session Ines notes: ‘It was great to see people bring in materials and transform them and experience how transformation is possible. We took this as an opportunity to look at their community and shared these thoughts through paper tassels on the tapestries. By attaching beads and bells to the tapestries we have given these pieces a sound and a voice themselves.’ The group will be hanging these pieces at Walkinstown Library within the next few weeks.

‘Engage the City’ is a programme led by Project Manager Louise Osborne, creating connections between artists and Dubliners through a variety of creative endeavours. With a team of artists, we are capturing the experiences of what Dublin is and what it could be; taking the temperature of how the city is feeling and connecting people and place through cultural ideas.



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