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Engage the City: Celebrations

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Niki Collier
For the month of June, Niki Collier has been working with the Bulgarian community as part of Engage the City in her studio in Inchicore. Through Engage the CityDublin’s Culture Connects has gathered a group of artists and practitioners who will work together within communities to test new and creative ways of working and put them into practice with Dublin-based neighbourhood groups.
Niki Collier 2554
Flower Making Workshop with Niki Collier. Image by Ivaylo Petrov
This workshop is part of ongoing project titled ‘Celebrations’, which profiles Bulgarian community in Ireland. It argues the diversity in cultural, religious and sexual identity by including celebrations from several religions and volunteers from complex social and national background. Even in a small community like this; there are connections from all over the world.
Girls with names of flowers were selected to make their own flower in felt. During the session the girls and their mothers were interviewed about the celebration, the impact of their name on their life, and about their lifestyle. The next session will involve photographing portraits of the participants; to showcase the overall project at the Inchicore Festival, and next year as part of the Bulgarian celebrations during the Bulgarian presidency of the EU.
This project is a collaboration between Niki Collier & Ivaylo Petrov and Dublin’s Culture Connects, Engage the City.


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