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Dominic Campbell

“Glorious moments of everyday poetry”

Working with the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), the Chester Beatty Library, and Dublin City Council, The National Neighbourhood projects in Dublin South Central are considering how they can address complex challenges such as the links between health, poverty and housing, by supporting resilient communities that have survived for decades. Inspired by conversations, casual banter and being out and about in the area, book clubs, choirs, lullabies and visual art are being considered as places from which many more glorious moments of everyday poetry, which bring beauty to lives well lived in Dublin South Central, can grow.

Weaver park

In the Dublin South Central area we’ve been meeting people and groups and most importantly listening. Two core questions arose from these meetings. How can our project:

  • Contribute to long lasting programmes in DSC where culture already has positive affects?
  • Create alternatives to Sticky Narratives – the negative stories people tell themselves about themselves, or others or places that can be hard to change or shake off?

So we’re going to be running peer to peer training sessions for groups in Dublin South Central where we learn from each other, we’ll start a choir in a place not recognised for singing, we’re playing around with when and where and why you sing in every-day life, where art creeps in so quietly you don’t recognise it, and we’re going to be looking at whose stories we read and what alternatives exist and where these will take us.

These ideas are all taking baby steps at the moment. There’s lots of work to do and it some days feels a bit wobbly. But autumn is when things start to ferment, when they break down to grow new. I guess that’s what we’re doing too.

By Dominic Campbell, Project Manager, South Central area.

Dublin’s Culture Connects aims to connect Dubliners to their city through culture and conversation. We develop activities and events that bring communities together, and to life: all based on people’s stories, wishes and experiences. It’s all about making and taking part in culture.
One of our programmes is The National Neighbourhood. We want every neighbourhood to know and ‘own’ their city’s cultural resources, so we connect artists, groups and villages with libraries, museums and creative places – including our National Cultural Institutions – to make cultural events in their communities.



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