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“Our parks, our coast, our biodiversity”

In Dublin North Central, projects will be developed with community groups of all ages from Clontarf, Raheny, Coolock, Artane, Fairview and Marino in partnership with the National Library of Ireland and Dublin City Council. Local parks and the coastline – and how they are used, socially and environmentally – are very important to the locals of these areas. Visual art, music and dance/movement will be used to focus on the natural environment and how to better link people through the spaces that surround them, inspired by Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane’s exhibition The Ocean After Nature, and the rich archives of the National Library of Ireland.

Dublin City Gallery Hugh Lane 'The Ocean After Nature' exhibition
Dublin City Gallery Hugh Lane ‘The Ocean After Nature’ exhibition

In the North Central area, we will be working on three different projects. With a focus on biodiversity – dance, music and visual art will highlight the parks and coastline in the area, mainly working with groups in Raheny, Clontarf, Coolock, Artane, Marino and Fairview. These creative projects will find ways to socially connect people to each other and to their amenities through engaging in cultural activities. I look forward to seeing the community groups linking with the artists to come up with clever and creative ways of making their amenities more accessible and new friendships easier to find. The Ocean After Nature in Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane is a very inspiring exhibition for groups to begin this journey with, as is the rich archive in The National Library of Ireland which many of these groups will be introduced to for the first time.

This is an exciting journey we embark on, creating a valuable new roadmap for people to explore and rediscover what natural gems they have available to them and I hope it will positively impact the people living in the area for years to come.

By Laura Larkin, Project Manager, North Central area:

Dublin’s Culture Connects aims to connect Dubliners to their city through culture and conversation. We develop activities and events that bring communities together, and to life: all based on people’s stories, wishes and experiences. It’s all about making and taking part in culture.
One of our programmes is The National Neighbourhood. We want every neighbourhood to know and ‘own’ their city’s cultural resources, so we connect artists, groups and villages with libraries, museums and creative places – including our National Cultural Institutions – to make cultural events in their communities.



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