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Dublin City Cultural Audit and Map

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In the Cultural Audit and Map project, we are developing a dynamic database and online map of the city’s cultural information. As well as informing policy-makers, it will give citizens cultural choices, tell stories and define the heart of our urban communities.  

As part of this project, Dublin City Council proposes to award a contract for services for the design and development of a database management system and public-facing website for the Dublin City Cultural Audit and Map, as part of the Dublin’s Culture Connects initiative. 

The successful tenderer will, on appointment, work with Dublin City Council via the Director of Dublin’s Culture Connects, the ‘Dublin Cultural Audit and Mapping Project’ project team and the Information Systems department of Dublin City Council to design and develop a database management system and public-facing web-based application/website to store and manage the data contained within the cultural audit, specifically to make it available to and usable by residents of and visitors to Dublin; and policy makers and strategists. 

The Dublin City Cultural Audit and Mapping Project seeks to identify and promote Dublin’s cultural assets including sport, recreation, arts, heritage, community, the environment, science and food. It is creating a comprehensive knowledge base including both the city’s ‘hard’ cultural assets (buildings, organisations, festivals etc.) and the ‘soft’ cultural assets (groups, networks, local information, stories and customs).  

You can read the e-tenders RFP HERE

You can read more about the Cultural Audit and Map HERE



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