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Culture Club Continues!

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New year, new Culture Club! Working with our partners in the National Cultural Institutions and Dublin City’s cultural venues and buildings, we are delighted to continue to bring people to museums, galleries, libraries and other cultural spaces in a fun and easy way through our Culture Clubs.

Join us for our first Culture Club of 2018 in the National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts and History Collins Barracks on 26 January, 11.30am. This Culture Club will revolve around the exhibition ‘Airgead: A Thousand Years of Irish Coins & Currency’. The exhibition tells the story of coins and coinage in Ireland from Viking and Medieval hoards, originally buried in a hole in the ground, to modern banknotes accessed through an ATM machine, the ‘hole in the wall’. The exhibition addresses a number of interesting questions such as:

– How and why did coinage develop in Ireland?
– What were the political and economic factors influencing coin usage?
– How did political events such as the Act of Union and the foundation of the Irish Free State affect contemporary coinage?

Coins were first struck in Ireland under the Viking King Sihtric III in 997or 998 AD. Each succeeding wave of invaders and rulers left their mark and added new types and denominations. Normans, Tudors, Stuarts, Jacobites, Williamites and Hanoverians all struck coins to suit their political and economic needs. This talk looks at those various coinages and the stories behind them.


Following the abolition of Irish coinage in 1826, there was a ‘blank’ century during which Ireland used only regular issues of the United Kingdom. The advent of a new coinage for a new state in 1928 ushered in a new era in the story of Irish coins and coinage. The talk concludes with the fascinating story of those new coins and the process by which the designs were agreed and adopted.

Culture Clubs at the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane will include exploring the gallery’s beautiful collection. The Hugh Lane houses the foremost collection of modern and contemporary art in Ireland. The gallery’s collection is an invaluable reflection of movements and initiatives that have occurred from the time of the Impressionists to today including  superb works acquired from the ROSC series of exhibitions which occurred between 1967 and 1988.

2 February 2018/10.30am

Have your say! Join Lesley McBride in reflecting on and discussing works of art from the Hugh Lane’s collection.

2 March 2018/10.30am

During this visit led by Liliane Puthod we will focus on sculpture from the Hugh Lane’s collection.

And the more the merrier are welcome as we tour the Chester Beatty Library for Culture Club. Join us on 13 February, 2.30pm for ‘Development of the Book’ based on ‘Arts of the Book’, a permanent exhibition of almost 600 objects from the Library’s collections displays books from the ancient world, including the world famous Chester Beatty Love Poems (c.1160 BC), Egyptian Books of the Dead and beautifully illuminated European manuscripts.


Nateghe Moane will briefly introduce us to the development of writing, the book and the arts of the book. It will be a glimpse of the history and development of pre-alphabetic writing, alphabetic text as well as the materials used to create the book.

One of the highlights is the display of Western book-bindings (5th-20th century) and Old Master prints. The exhibition also explores the richness of the Islamic manuscript tradition including illustrations and illuminations, calligraphy, and exquisite bindings from across the Middle East and India.

In the National Library of Ireland on 26 February at 2pm we will discover the fascinating exhibition ‘World War Ireland: Exploring the Irish Experience’.

And last but not least join us for a Culture Club in the National Museum of Ireland on 23 February, 11.30am. We will be announcing the theme and more Culture Clubs very soon!

Culture Club connects people to museums, galleries, libraries and other cultural venues in a fun and easy way. Through Culture Club, we are inviting people to get involved, broadening the reach of culture in Dublin to as many Dubliners as possible.

Our Project Manager will accompany groups and individuals from all over Dublin to a range of cultural venues throughout the year. Culture Club begins with a tour of an exhibition, given by a tour guide, often the curator of the exhibition, and ends with a Tea & Chats session. Our Tea & Chats are facilitated discussions where people get the opportunity to reflect on their experience, learn from and connect with one another.

These are great chances to meet new people and enjoy the city’s cultural places in a relaxed way – as well as being a great way for us, and the cultural venues, to learn from your experience.

Email to join us.

Culture Club is free and open to all. We hope to see you at one soon!



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