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Art in Your Backyard Everyday

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I’ve mates in a band. I used to meet them on Slattery’s bus. Last year I bumped into them in an airport.

We’d gotten a few pounds heavier and a few grey hairs. We first met when we were all on the same unemployment scheme in Sligo in the early 90’s.

Two of them had been living in London and moved back because “the bazooki sat in the corner gathering dust” and if you weren’t regularly playing what were you doing with your life?

Around that time the band’s singer and I were killing time on one of those long bus journey’s when Sligo was a lot further from Dublin than it is now. We were talking about where we grew up. Me in an industrial town, her in rural Roscommon. Me desperate to leave and get as far away as I could from the boredom.

Her encouraged by her Da to take a different point of view – “Everything you need is here, everything you need is in you, all you need to do is let it get out.”

I’ve been thinking about that as I meet the diverse talents of South Central Dublin. When you see “the concrete dragon”, or the house with horses painted on the side, or “the window of bags”.

Or when you meet a choir, or a music project, or twirlers, or a knitting group. Or when there’s the unusual and quirky: a poetry of shops, a window display, a quirky shop name. Everything you need might already be here? Making stuff is an everyday thing. Art is normal. It’s just what we do.

If it’s all already here don’t we just have to let it out?

By Dominic Campbell, Project Manager, South Central area.

Dublin’s Culture Connects invites you to share and learn at an upcoming Tuesday Information Exchange and most importantly to let it all out! On Tuesday evenings in November, we’re offering a chance to learn about how to start up a festival, make a community event happen, begin fundraising and find out about creative projects for older people.

Each Tuesday Information Exchange in November start and 6pm and ends by 9pm. Sessions are informal and fun. And they’re free. You can pick just one or come to all! Refreshments are provided, you just have to bring a pen, paper and enthusiasm. Find out more HERE

Dublin’s Culture Connects aims to connect Dubliners to their city through culture and conversation. We develop activities and events that bring communities together, and to life: all based on people’s stories, wishes and experiences. It’s all about making and taking part in culture.
One of our programmes is The National Neighbourhood. We want every neighbourhood to know and ‘own’ their city’s cultural resources, so we connect artists, groups and villages with libraries, museums and creative places – including our National Cultural Institutions – to make cultural events in their communities.



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