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Around the Table : Return to the Port

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Bernadette Larkin

Around the Table explores the life around food in the Centre of Dublin, through communities from the Docks to the Markets and through the streets of Dublin City. We are discovering the deep bonds forged through work, family and community as we walk, talk, listen and eat together around Dublin’s Central Area. Historian Donal Fallon, artists Jennie Moran and Jeanette Lowe, and filmmaker Peter Salisbury are working together to connect groups with the Collection of the National Library of Ireland, through a reciprocal creative process that will help enrich its collection with these stories. This short film captures a visit by the Dockworkers Preservation Society to see Dublin Port of today. Former Dockworker Pat Behan remembers his working life, loading and unloading the food, fuel and other goods that kept the city and the country running.



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