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Around the Table: Recipes, Walking Tours and Memories

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© by Ida Mitrani

Around the Table was created in central Dublin as a partnership between Dublin’s Culture Connects, community groups across the City, the Dublin City Arts Office, Dublin Public Libraries, The National Library of Ireland, the Central Area Office, and the artists Jennie Moran, Jeanette Lowe and historian Donal Fallon as part of The National Neighbourhood project in the Central Area.

Groups such as the Docklands Preservation Society, the Snug Women’s Group, local businesses and more have been mining the history of food in the city through storytelling, sharing recipes and creating walking tours of their area to map the movement of food through the city.

We hope you have the opportunity to dip into this beautiful book, full of memories, recipes, and stories of how different ethnicities of food developed in Dublin. It also has stunning photographs and drawings, hand-drawn and painted maps by Ida Mitrani of Donal Fallon’s walking tours, and hand-written recipes handed down through generations of families.

We have plans to publish the walking tours of the north inner city that are part of this book as a separate leaflet that you can use as a self-guided tour of food and stories in the north inner city.

Download an electronic copy of the stunning Around the Table book here.



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