Dublin’s Culture Connects is an initiative of Dublin City Council, arising out of the city’s bid to be European Capital of Culture 2020. While unsuccessful in that bid, Dublin City Council developed a five-year cultural strategy (2016-2021) through that process. It now positions culture at the centre of its corporate policy and acknowledges its impact on all aspects of the city, including the economy, education, tourism, community and civic life. Dublin’s Culture Connects, as part of the implementation of the Cultural Strategy, aims to embed culture in the everyday life of the city.


All Dublin’s Culture Connects’ activity is community-centred, citizen-focused and developed in collaboration with Dublin people. The values informing all we do are:
⇒ Participation – because it makes culture ‘real’, it activates and empowers people (using their imagination and creativity), it connects people together.
⇒ Partnership – We are stronger together. Dublin’s Culture Connects is a catalyst, bringing different people and organisations together to grow knowledge, empathy, understanding… and respect.
⇒ Relevance – We aim to embed culture in everyday life. Why is that important? Because culture is central to human development and central to Dublin’s quality of life.
⇒ Quality – We do all this in the best way possible. We access and use skills, experience and knowledge to build impact, sustainability and quality into every project.
⇒ Capacity building – We want to make ourselves redundant; to develop skills and activate ways of working that enable everyone to create more cultural opportunities.

Dublin’s Culture Connects does as it says – it seeks real change in the city through connecting communities to Dublin City Council’s resources, their National Cultural Institutions, and artists, on projects that are relevant to them.