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365 Cultural Connections and counting!

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Louise Osborne

To date, Engage The City has seen 365 new cultural connections being made in communities and neighbourhoods through arts, drama, song and dance; all the while telling the stories of the people of Dublin – that’s one for every day of the year! Dublin’s Culture Connects works in a variety of creative ways to meet with and chat to the people of the city; capturing voices and gathering stories along the way. One of the many projects that has been thriving in recent months is Engage The City, where 10 artists have met with many community groups across Dublin. The project sets out to take the temperature of how Dubliners are feeling, to look at what Dublin is and imagine what it could be, and to express experiences through cultural and creative activities.

Cavaliers Cricket Team, photo by JoHo
Theatrical Cavaliers Cricket Club

So far we have seen communities in the city centre express stories of their lives through poetry and character development. Working with Veronica Dyas, these groups have gone on a creative journey to tell their tales from their past and share their hopes for the future. In North Dublin, children’s groups have worked with Evelyn Darcy to design their ideal city; a place where everyone has a home, people care for their pets, and there are ice-cream shops on every corner! Laughter and lots of stories have been shared with Ines Metzner as communities learn new skills of weaving with fabric and items from their homes. In the South of the city, active aging groups have shared their memories of times gone by with composer Robbie Blake and have captured the essence of their community through stories and sounds. Across the city we have learned of how a shared sporting interest can unite people regardless of geography as Michelle McMahon has been welcomed as an honorary member of the Theatrical Cavaliers Cricket Club. Engage The City has illuminated stories of Dublin past and has brought to life hopes for the city’s future.

365 new cultural connections made and we have only just begun!

In the coming months watch out for stories of food bringing people together in the South of Dublin with Liz Nilsson, exploring life as a young gay man in the city centre with Shane Daniel Byrne, socialising in later years in Ballymun, Raheny and other areas with John Conway, drama games bringing people together in the North inner city with Joan Somers Donnelly and many more exciting connections with communities and artist Niki Collier!

Engage The City is a new programme by Dublin’s Culture Connects creating connections between artists and Dubliners through a variety of creative endeavours. With a team of artists, we are capturing the experiences of what Dublin is and what it could be; taking the temperature of how Dubliners are feeling and connecting people and place through cultural ideas.



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